This year I got a chance to create a short animated intro 
for a series of meetings in The Galicia Jewish Museum. 
The debate was about a difficult relationship between Jewish and Polish nations, which is a delicate topic, so choosing a proper visual language was the first challenge.

The next challenge was a contrast between a clean, minimalistic and polite video that the Museum used to play and my bold, creative graphic ideas I wanted to visualise. I needed to make thoughtful choices and carefully balance the style and visual language.

My first mood board is in a dark and gloomy style based on a limited set of colors and grunge brushes. I was looking for dynamic compositions using dust brushes and sprays.

When I think about relations between both cultures, I imagine a dynamic grid 
of dependencies and feelings which are still evolving in time. 

Because of that, it came to me instantly to show the animated graphics as interconnected elements. In order to show the smoothness of movement and blending graphics, I decided to use both hand-drawn and keyframe animation.

Fortunately, the mood and animation techniques I chose 
were quickly accepted by the client.
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